Sunday, March 30, 2008

Party Time!!

I'm back with a new post--finally!! I can't believe it's been so long! Right after finding out that I was pregnant, I started to have an aversion to my kitchen and all of the foods that normally I would be crazy about. So weird--all I wanted were breads, sandwiches, cereals, or eggs. Definitely nothing spicy or that contained vegetables or whole-grains. So I completely stopped cooking for a while. Well, my taste buds haven't completely recovered, but I now feel great and am ready for the kitchen again. Yeah!!!

Last night, my sisters and I threw a surprise party for my parents' 60th birthdays. It was a lovely evening: wonderful friends--new and old, sisters, neighbors, great conversations, laughter, and good food. A LOT of many leftovers!!

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Jenny said...

Hi Rose! Your site is wonderful! Do you have more photos of the surprise party? Bob said they were blown away by all of your efforts!! Sure sorry I couldn't be there! Love you Rose...jenny

jj said...

Looks like the party was a hit - and sure does look like you all had plenty of good food! Nice pictures, thanks for the share.

Robbyn said...

I found my way here, and your blog is wonderful...and now I'm soooo hungry! Congratulations on your parents' 60th! (I put you on my most recent blogroll, if that's ok)