Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pizza Dough

I tried a new pizza dough recipe today from the new blog A Year in Bread, posted as Kevin's Pizza Dough. With 3 rises, the entire process took about 4 hours--not too bad for a lazy Saturday afternoon. The dough was very smooth and easy to work with. The result was a bready dough with a nice texture and yeast flavor. I tend to prefer thinner, crisper crusts but this was a nice change. The crust is sturdy and able to support more toppings. I think it would be great for a "supreme" pizza. Next time, I will add a touch more honey and just a tiny bit more salt. Overall, a very nice and easy dough to work with, but definately has a pronounced yeasty flavor.


kitchenmage said...

Hi! Even if it's not exactly your favorite type, that's a very tasty looking pizza. You might want to check mine out, it's wetter and can be made really thin. Thanks for baking with us!


Rose said...

Thanks! Your pizza looks great--I'm going to start the dough tonight for tomorrow's dinner. I love pizza!