Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cranberry Walnut Whole Wheat Sourdough

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Cranberry Walnut Whole Wheat Sourdough
adapted from KA Whole Grain Baking

1/2 cup whole wheat flour (KA)
1/4 cup lukewarm water
1 T starter (KA, refreshed the night before and left at room temp overnight)

Mix flour, water, and starter. Cover.

Sit at room temp. for 8 hours.

Heat 1 cup water to boiling; add 3/4 cup dried cranberries; cover and let sit until ready to use.

In mixer bowl, mix:
1-1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup bread flour

To levain, add 1 cup cooled water from the cranberries; let sit 10 min.
Add levain/water to flours and mix gently; cover; rest for 20 min.
Start mixer on low; add 1 T honey and 1 t salt, slowly.
Mix on low until incorporated; mix on speed 2 for 2 min; Cover.

Sit for 30 min.
Flatten dough out into a rectangle on a lightly floured counter. Sprinkle cranberries on top; fold in thirds; flatten again and sprinkle 1/2 cup walnuts on top; fold in thirds.
Let sit 30 min; fold in thirds twice; place in lightly oiled bowl; cover.
Keep in fridge overnight.
Remove from fridge. Let sit 1 hour and 40 min.
Pour onto floured counter and rest for 5 min.
Flour a bowl; shape dough into a boule and place top-side down into bowl.
Rise 3 hours.

Heat oven to 450 degrees 30 min. before baking.
Dump dough onto semolina-dusted parchment.
Put into oven on baking stone; mist with water 4x in first 5 min.
Bake 15 min; turn oven down to 400; bake another 15 min.


Shannon said...

What is T starter? Is that sourdough starter? This bread looks divine!

Rose said...

Hello! It is one tablespoon of sourdough starter. Thanks!

Monika said...

Do you think this recipe can be adapted for a bread machine?