Saturday, June 9, 2007

Green Bean and Carrot Chips

Last weekend, I visited the original Whole Foods Market in Austin and went crazy. It was amazing--I think I was there almost 4 hours! Eating, shopping, eating, drinking, eating... Such a neat store. Various food bars are set up throughout, each with its own menu, and samples, of course. For breakfast, I bought a loaf of raisin, pecan sourdough and a cup of coffee. Wonderful samples included candied salmon, smoked brisket, "raw" whipped cauliflower, octupus salad, shrimp ceviche, pumpkin-flax seed granola, and several breads and cheeses. I sat down at the "living raw" foods bar for lunch (as if I hadn't had enough samples!) and ordered a vegetable nori roll with brazil nut paste and ginger-soy dressing. Very beautiful. I finished with fresh pistachio gelato and bought a delicious smoked chicken salad to take with me for dinner. What a great day! It is definately an outing worth going to Austin for. I even bought a skirt at the store!

One of my take home treats, were these tasty bean and carrot chips. I had never had green bean chips and really enjoyed them. Dried, fried, and lightly salted, the bean taste is present with the natural sweetness of the vegetable. They are a great alternative to potato chips and look so appealing and different! I'll have to try making some--they would be perfect for picnics or bbqs or to send in lunches. Robert even tried one! :)


Anonymous said...

got any recipes or ideas for making these?

My daughter is 10 and developed a severe milk protein allergy 2 years ago. Food is a full time job for me --- she initially lost 25 lbs and was starving in front of me which was a horror. She's eating other foods now (she only ate dairy prior to getting sick!) and has gained weight but i'm always hunting for dairy free recipes that she'll approve!


Teri Wilber said...

I would really like the recipe for the green bean chips. I am trying very hard to make new snacks and use as much of the garden's surplus as possible.
Thanks a lot!
Teri from Michigan

Anonymous said...

i puchased these at whole foods maket and they are fabulous. I would love the reciepe to make them at home.