Monday, July 23, 2007

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

There is something so comforting about warm, sweet, creamy rice. I really like this dessert and leftovers are great for breakfast. I use long grain, asian sticky rice to make this. Usually, I add dates and brown sugar and make the rice with water, adding milk at the end if I feel like it. But I had two overripe mangoes that I needed to use and a can of coconut milk hanging around--perfect for Thai sticky rice with mangoes.

How rich and creamy! Heavenly! Instead of serving the mangoes on the side, I cut them up and added them to the rice with the coconut milk and sugar--after about 10 min. of cooking time. To serve, I drizzled warm, sweetened milk over the top. Ummm. The following day, I poured milk over the leftovers and heated it for a breakfast treat. Can I curl up in bed with a book and eat this everyday?

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